Epic Healing is America’s First Licensed Magic Mushroom Dispensary


Darren Lyman sells magic mushrooms by the gram, from strains with names like Daddy Long Legs and Penis Envy. He also has kits that can help people grow their own psychedelic fungi. His store, in a converted office suite in Eugene, is America’s first licensed psilocybin service center, a place where adults over 21 can experience the hallucinogen to address depression or end-of-life dread. Find out: magic mushrooms dispensary canada

From Stigma to Support: Understanding Magic Mushroom Dispensaries

The store is one of several opening across the country that are taking advantage of a change in drug laws that allow the sale of mushrooms without a prescription. A nurse helps customers decide which type of mushroom is best for them, he says. Different types of psilocybin produce different effects, and some have been linked to healing from depression and addiction.

Other services offered at Epic Healing include a guided meditation session and a consultation with a licensed psychotherapist. The price for each of these sessions is $1,200 per hour. Lyman is working with a growing community of healers who use psilocybin for their work. He hopes that his shop can be a model for others across the country to follow.

Online mushroom stores have made strides in normalizing psilocybin by selling the drug within legal gray areas for those who want to experience its effects. Many of them offer an educational, community feel and promote the drug for its psychological and spiritual benefits. Some, like Schedule35 and Mungus Shrooms, even provide links to local dispensaries and therapists for holistic experiences. They accept safe and secure payment methods and ship discreetly to protect buyers’ privacy and safety.

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