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Interim poland

Interim management is a common practice in business, especially for large companies, allowing senior managers to take over a company on a temporary basis. It can help organizations improve their operational and financial performance, allowing them to react quickly to market developments, regulatory changes, new stakeholder demands or other internal and external issues.

Travailler en agence d’intérim Court of Justice has ordered Poland to immediately suspend the functioning of a “disciplinary chamber” that is effectively under the control of the ruling party. In doing so, the Court is taking a very significant step to protect the rule of law in an EU Member State.

In doing so, the Court explicitly echoes what it said in its earlier A.K. judgment: “it must be ruled that the Commission’s request for interim measures, which concerns the disciplinary procedure for judges, is justified because the denial of the proper functioning of the Supreme Court, if it continued in this way, would have a serious impact on the independence of those courts.”

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The Court has invoked a special form of interim relief, relying on Article 160(7) of its Rules of Procedure. This type of relief can only be granted when the urgency is such that the Court cannot wait until it has heard Poland’s response in the course of the main proceedings.

MEDEL fully supports the Commission’s decision to refer Poland to the Court of Justice for the violation of EU law. Moreover, MEDEL calls for the urgent implementation of an Interim Measures procedure in case C-791/19, as this is the only possible and effective way to stop the progressive destruction of the rule of law in Poland.

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