Zombie Contacts

A good Zombie Contacts isn’t complete without the right contact lenses to transform your eyes. With a wide selection of white and red contacts to choose from Gothika/Wicked Eyez has a pair to match your zombie or undead look.

These lenses are available in prescription strengths from 0.00 (plano) through -6.00 in.25 steps so you can always find a pair that fits your vision. These lenses are US-FDA approved so you can wear them safely for a Halloween costume.

You’ve spent hours crafting the decaying flesh, meticulously ripped clothes, and oozing wounds – but there’s one crucial element missing: the bloodcurdling snarl. Add that finishing touch with a pair of red contact lenses and unleash your inner bloodthirsty ghoul.

Get yours today and be the life of the party.

Decorative contacts have become all the rage in recent years with the popularity of The Walking Dead and other zombie crazes. However, while many people want to dress up in cat ears or snake eyes for a costume party or cosplay event, it’s important that you choose the correct decorative contact lenses and follow proper care instructions to prevent eye infections and other health issues.

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