The Art of Sports Writing

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The art of sports writing can be an intensely personal one, especially for those who write the game’s biggest stories. The writer must be able to convey the sense of awe he or she feels when observing a great athlete in action. At the same time, the journalist must be able to share with readers the thrill of seeing a team or individual overcome adversity.

In the United States, a leading publication in this genre is Sporting News, which covers high school, college, and professional sports. It is available both as a magazine and online. The magazine has a loyal readership and is known for its investigative reporting, which often uncovers corruption or abuse within the sports industry.

Trade Rumors and Team Shakeups: What’s Brewing in the Sports World

There are many different styles of sports writing. One of the most basic is a straight-lead game story, which summarizes key information such as the final score and what one or more players did to help their team win. Other kinds of sports articles include those that take a season-preview or wrap-up approach, sharing the expectations coaches and players have for an upcoming year, or how they feel about their end-of-season performance, whether in victory or defeat.

It is important for any writer, particularly those working in the field of sports journalism, to have an understanding of the importance of the Inverted Pyramid structure. The opening lines of any article – sports-focused or otherwise – are called the lede, and they must be short, direct and compel the reader to keep reading.

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