Smart Building Inspections

Smart building inspections are a great way to improve the quality and productivity of construction projects. It’s important to choose a certified partner that can provide you with the right tools, support and expertise.

To make full use of smart technologies, a work process model needs to be developed. This study proposes a new inspection process that integrates BIM with smart devices to address the current limitations of conventional quality inspection processes. Specifically, the new process reduces simple and repetitive inspection work that causes low efficiency in the current construction quality inspection practice.

Building Confidence: Insights from Building Inspection Services in Singapore by KK Forges

Currently, construction workers record on-site quality data using various tools and manually analyze whether the collected information meets quality criteria. The results of the on-site quality inspection are transmitted to the project manager and stored in a database. In this article, a computerized system based on smart technologies is proposed to enhance the quality of construction inspections by linking with BIM and allowing users to automatically validate the on-site data.

This API (application programming interface) system is built in the form of an add-in that can be run in RevitTM with the use of a developer package code. It allows a user to create an inspection button on the software interface and operate it using a mouse click. The system is capable of acquiring 3D point cloud data and a thermal image from a laser scanner and matching them with the BIM model.

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