Adult Dolls

Adult Dolls

Sex dolls address a very specific fantasy for people who can’t have sex in real life. And for those who enjoy a dollification fetish, there are several manufacturers that specialize in these products. Sex dolls aren’t for everyone, but they can be a good alternative to sex with a partner. These dolls are a lot more realistic than the plastic ones you might remember from childhood, and some even have a heating system and breathing device that simulates sex. Find out

The dolls are made out of silicone or thermoplastic elastomer, and most offer multiple options to customize their look and feel. Some sites let you build a doll from the neck down, with adjustments like hair color, eye shape, skin tone, breast texture and areola size. Other companies offer add-ons, such as liposuction or breast implants, and the ability to have them painted with freckles or scars.

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Many men who buy sex dolls call themselves iDollators, and treat them as companions rather than toys. They may assign them names, personalities and backstories, and post romantic accounts of candlelit dates or feelings of love on hobbyist message boards. Some men have even married their RealDoll brides.

Although sex dolls are legal in most countries, they’re still heavily restricted or banned in some parts of the world, including some Middle Eastern and Asian nations. In India, for example, possession of a sex doll can be considered an offense and lead to a fine or even imprisonment.

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