How to Check Email Authenticity

Email authentication is check email authenticity  aspects of running a successful email marketing campaign. Without it, your emails could land in spam folders, be blocked by email service providers, or even wind up in cybercriminals’ hands. That’s why it’s important to know how to check email authenticity before sending your next batch of cold outreach.

A simple Google search is the simplest method to check an email address’ validity. However, this can be time-consuming and doesn’t verify the identity of an email address, which is the first step to validating if an email is real or not.

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Another simple email verification technique involves a basic syntax check. This will look for the proper use of an @ symbol, a valid domain name, and any obvious errors in spelling or grammar. This is a useful way to verify if an email is valid and is most helpful for identifying typos or spam-like emails.

Lastly, an IP address lookup can help determine whether or not an email is valid. By using an online IP address lookup tool, marketers can get a rough idea of the origin of an email address by analyzing the ISP, organization, and location of the email’s sender. This can be useful in determining an email’s authenticity, but isn’t foolproof as it can be difficult to connect a digital identity to an email address and cannot verify the deliverability of an email.

Email authentication is a vitally important step to take for all email marketers, regardless of the industry they are in. By authenticating your emails, you will improve your email deliverability, prevent spoofing, and ultimately build trust with your subscribers.

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