Best Playground Markings UK

A vital part of a child’s education, Interactive and Safe Play Designs help to promote the physical aspects of learning in a fun and engaging way. With cuts made to PE in many schools, playground markings offer teachers a cost-effective method of enhancing lessons in this important subject.

Uniplay specialises in designing imaginative thermoplastic playground markings which help to enhance cross-curricular learning. Working with a wide range of pigments, and precise water jet technology they create colorful, imaginative markings to transform outdoor spaces.

They are passionate about creating development-friendly spaces, which is why they strive to work with every customer individually and tailor their products to suit their needs. This approach enables them to create innovative and creative playground markings that encourage children of all ages to play together, build coordination, body confidence, endurance and stamina, and develop their socialization skills.

Educational Fun: Engaging Playground Markings for UK Children

Their playground markings are ideal for schools and nurseries with exterior playgrounds, and they offer a variety of unique designs and colours to suit any environment. From traditional court lines and hopscotches to activity zone markers, long jump charts and ball passing circles, there is something for everyone.

They also have a range of specialist markings that are designed to help improve the physical literacy and numeracy of children. These include hopscotches which have a multitude of different shapes and patterns, including squares, splats and a unique rainbow design. Plus, they have a range of numbered and 1-10 hopscotch which can be used to teach children basic numeracy skills.

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