Apartments Near Penn Medicine and UPenn

Apartments near penn reputation as one of the world’s top universities has birthed a bustling community of students, faculty and working professionals. With a wide array of academic programs and medical research at its core, the university attracts high caliber students, staff, and researchers from all over the globe. The prestigious Wharton School of Business boasts the most billionaire alumni in America while Penn Medicine is also a magnet for talent.

What is student life like at UPenn?

Since on-campus housing is limited, most graduate students, nursing and medical residents, and other professional students choose to live off campus in a variety of different apartment buildings. Typically, these apartments are rented by groups of people that share a single apartment, and can range from studio to 4-bedroom units. These apartments can be found in all sorts of buildings, ranging from old historic houses converted to student apartments to brand new modern buildings.

The majority of these types of apartments are located within the first two blocks around UPenn and Penn Medicine. This is because undergraduate students tend to flock here to enjoy close proximity to their classes and peers, and because these buildings are often the most modern and packed to the brim with amenities. However, as these types of apartments tend to go quick, many grad students will expand their search to other micro-neighborhoods of University City like Cedar Park and Spruce Hill. Here, you’ll find a mix of apartments in old historical homes converted to student housing and newer buildings that are built to appeal to a younger demographic.

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